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CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Exonic Disruption for HIV-1 Elimination


Transformation of tenofovir into stable ProTide nanocrystals with long-acting pharmacokinetic profiles

Nature Communications

Lipophilic Nanocrystal Prodrug-Release Defines the Extended Pharmacokinetic Profiles of a Year-Long Cabotegravir

Nature Communications

A year-long extended release nanoformulated cabotegravir prodrug

Nature Materials

News and Views: Long-acting antiretroviral therapy

Nature Materials

Creation of a long-acting nanoformulated dolutegravir

Nature Communications

Sequential LASER ART and CRISPR Treatments Eliminate HIV-1 in a Subset of Infected Humanized Mice

Nature Communications

Research Highlights: CRSPR helps to rid mice of HIV


Creation of a long-acting rilpivirine prodrug nanoformulation

Journal of Controlled Release

Synthesis of a long acting nanoformulated emtricitabine ProTide